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What Is a Progressing Cavity Pump

The technology of the modern progressing cavity pump dates back to the 3rd century B.C. and the Greek scientist Archimedes. Through the centuries the principle has remained simple. Today, synthetic elastomers are bonded within a steel tube, the stator, with a double internal helix design. The only moving part of the pump, the rotor, is a single external helix design and is rotated within the stator, forming cavities. They progress from the inlet (suction end) to the outlet (discharge end). The tight seals between the rotor and stator helices keep fluids moving at a steady rate proportional to the rate generated by the prime mover mechanism. The number of stages is predetermined by the force required to move fluid a given depth or distance plus any line forces (head pressure) acting upon the fluid.

Why Use a Progressing Cavity Pump

The PC pump has many benefits when compared with alternative artificial lift methods.

Lower Initial Cost
PC pumps are easier to install because they don’t require expensive foundations, are compact in size, and are constructed simply. This minimizes start-up cost, allowing for more pumps to be installed. More pumps equals more oil recovery, which, in-turn, equates to more profit.

Lower Running Cost
The typical PC Pump runs at an average of 70% efficiency - a rate which is much higher than artificial lift methods such as Electric Submersible Pumps or Beam Pumps. The better efficiency of the PC Pump lowers the cost per barrel of recovered fluid.

The PC Pump has a simple construction. It does not contain any standing or traveling valves and has only one moving part downhole. This allows it to handle gas and solids without gas lock or blocking.

Resistance To Wear
The PC Pump is better at handling viscous, corrosive, and particle laden fluid because it is constructed using highly durable and abrasion resistant materials.

Environmentally Acceptable
The PC Pump is small and has a quiet running surface drivehead which makes it more acceptable to environmentally sensitive areas. It’s also very energy efficient.

Pump Capabilities and Features

  • High Discharge Pressures
  • High Capacity
  • Moves Viscous Fluids
  • Moves Abrasive Fluids
  • Pulsationless Flow
  • Low NPSH
  • Flow Roughly Proportionate To Speed
  • Head Independent Of Speed
  • No Valves
  • Quiet Operation
  • Reversible
  • Low Shear Pumping Action
  • Passes Solids to 1.8 Inch
  • Will Not Vapor Lock
  • Suction Lifts To 28 Feet
  • Pumps Corrosive or Chemicals - Full PH range
  • Fluid Temperatures To 500 Degrees F
  • Self Priming
Progressing Cavity Pump

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